Daphne Bugeja – Bio

Daphne Bugeja completed her architecture degree at The University of Malta in 2013 and furthered her studies at Politechnico di Milano (Italy). This not only helped her expand her knowledge, but also fueled her passion for drawing, driving her to develop an important niche in architecture. For Daphne, sketching was always an essential medium to use when words weren’t enough and in fact a medium, she uses not only at the start/concept stage of every design project but throughout the whole process. Getting back to the drawing board helps Daphne to create and freeze spaces without creating limitations in such way to explore the full potential of every space. Daphne has a special passion for renovation projects and in fact interventions in old spaces are her favourite subject. She loves how through the right design interventions, we have the power to transform a place, record traces of the past and bring to live spaces that once were considered ‘dead’ spaces. Daphne gets mostly inspired in nature, while travelling and in fact she finds it an essential way to record every single small idea in her sketchbook – every little idea/detail/observation can become a big thing one day!