Robert Farrugia – Bio

Dstudio was set up by Robert Farrugia in 2011. Born in Malta in
1982, he spent a substantial period of his life in the UK and graduated from the University of Arts, London, studying Spatial and Interior Design.

He worked at the award-winning corporate architecture firm Pringle Brandon – specialists in delivering’ Grade A’ quality workplaces. Returning to Malta in 2009, Rob continued to work with talented designers successfully completing both residential and commercial projects in locations of high value.

Dstudio was conceived as a design studio. It loves design and understands the positive effect design can have on people’s lives.

It is concerned with space and how people inhabit that space. It is a strong believer that you work harder, heal quicker and play more in better designed spaces.

It is passionate about creating exciting experiences. Its objective is constant – to improve the users quality of life.

Together with its clients, Dstudio builds better and more successful spaces.

Website: https://dstudiomalta.com/