Beatrice Migneco – Bio

Beatrice Migneco or Bea is the founder of Bdesign Interior Design studio. She is a woman of many talents and enjoys a wide range of interests.
Bea achieved her Diploma in Interior Design and Decoration from RHODEC International in 2010.

Whilst running her own studio, she was also working with a leading local store specialising in home furnishings and accessories. This led to her ever growing passion for soft furnishings, making it a major strength in her design skills.

Bea’s warm and inviting personality plays a big part in her success as a designer. She radiates a great passion for what she does and devotes her attention to every phase of the design process, from needs assessment, to plan drawing and installation. This allows her to be in control of every aspect of the project.

She has built her reputation on reliability, transparency and a friendly, professional approach. Bea understands the importance of communication and building a collaborative design partnership with clients to ensure the result is both beautiful and personal.

Website    : https://bdesign.com.mt
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/bdesignmalta_interiors/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Bdesign.com.mt