Rebecca Muscat – Bio

My name is Rebecca Muscat and I am a 23 year old interior design student, currently studying for a
diploma with the National Design Academy. After graduating from the University of Malta with a B.A.
(Hons.) in German, I started working as a content moderator with a German company in Malta, but
my passion for interior design led me to start studying again. From a young age I would spend hours
sketching and drawing rooms and designs, that I would see on magazines and TV shows. This interest
continued growing throughout the years, and I would now love to be able to work within this industry.
I consider myself an artistic and creative person, so much so, that I spend most of my free time doing
macramé and clay products, which earlier this year I also started selling. I also like to draw, read and
travel. I am very eager to learn and start experiencing what it means to be an interior designer hence,
I look forward to further my studies and someday be able to work in this exciting industry. I strongly
believe that being part of the Malta Interior Design Association is the right step for me to meet
professionals and kick off my professional career.