Lana Esch-Schulte – Bio

Like many good stories in life, it was an unexpected turn of events that led me to study at MCAST Art and Design. Once there, the workshops inspired me to discover a new world of art in combination with materials, in all forms, colour and texture – possibilities were endless. There I thrived at developing my skills and potentials and by 2010, obtained my BA in Interior Design.
Gaining experience was the obvious next step so I dedicated a good number of years working with other companies where I gained customer handling experience and put academic theory into practice. You come to a point where you realise that you can always keep learning, no matter the time frame you allow yourself, however, this phase also had to come to an end in order to transition a new next step.
In 2020 I had my 1st born and priorities altered quickly as one can imagine, however, plans only get postponed not cancelled. 2021 I started my own company, a dream I had to realise to fullfill my purpose and promise to myself. Steps are small but, I am in no rush, I want to keep enjoying what I
do with no pressure as that is what makes it my dream job. I am now an interior designer and director of Final Concept Ltd where projects are treated with utmost personal care, no matter the size. I take pride in my work and am very willing to grow further because I still have a lot of missing gaps which I enjoy accomplishing slowly at my own pace.
What I am building now is a steppingstone for my future. Once my personal life becomes more independent, I can then re-focus on what gives me joy. For now, I am to keep the flame flickering as I intend to make it last.
Lana Esch-Schulte