Sean Cassar- Bio

Educated in Uk boarding schools from the age of twelve where after his higher education came back to Malta to build up his profession as an Interior / Exterior Spatial Designer. He has been practicing in the field for the past twelve years and has opened up Design hub studio since 2014.
Both local and foreign clients are welcome to a selection of design packages dependent on the client’s intentions budgets and briefs.
Steered by varied clients’ aspirations, as well as their widespread experiences, Sean and the firm designs exteriors and interiors, which allow clients to fully express, what they are about and to what holds meaning to them.
Our team, passionately dedicate efforts in illustrating designs to the highest standard, giving clients the ability to visualise the investment before any construction or manufacturing commences. Issuing detailed sketches, realistic visual renderings and finally precise working drawings.
Equally important is functionality, the kind that enhances a client’s lifestyle, with detail that’s built-in yet invisible. Creativity and detail need to work together, it is not solely about sumptuousness of materials but about how they mesh together in a unique way.