Nicole Turner Galeaa – Bio

Nicole Turner Galea, co-founded Disinji, an Interior Design Studio creating innovative and unique spaces whilst promoting sustainability within the designs and branding. Nicole, graduated in Spatial Design from the Institute for the Creative Arts, MCAST.

As an Interior Designer, it is important to acknowledge the ever-changing industry which allows freedom and endless limitations to what one can design whilst making sure that it encompasses financial, social, and most importantly environmental factors which are to be addressed. We provide new inspiration and ideas while incorporating elements of your liking into every concept we present.

Nicole is passionate about design and strives to accomplish innovative and functional design. She endorses to always stay on the look-out to endorse the latest designs and gain inspiration. She appreciates all design styles but is drawn to minimal and contemporary design.

A fully custom-designed floor-to-ceiling hidden library and office space. An authentic style introducing touches of colour to make the space brighter and enlightened.

A Commercial Project offering a mixture of industrial and minimal look, adding touches of Asian elements within the space.

A luxury and elegant approach adding neutral and uniform colour palette throughout. The use of high-quality materials offers durability and endless design solutions. Maximizing the harbour view from all viewpoints of the open plan was one of the highlights of the projects.